Starting Hand / Pre Flop Odds Poker Chart

Get the exact odds of your starting hands in Texas Hold'em Poker


Of course we would always recommend to use our Pre Flop Online Tools to get the odds of your poker starting hand. But for those of you who prefer to use a Pre Flop Odds Poker Charts - Here it is. To get the exact winning probability of your starting hand pre-flop just move your mouse to the column and the row that are representing your card value. Select the number of players at the poker table and decide if you want the pre flop odds results of your starting hand being displayed in a normalized, ranked or classic odds style. With the slider you can adjust the playing tips (green: Call/Raise, orange: Fold/Call, red: Fold) according to your playing style and your aggression factor at the table.

While learning the odds for each hand in Texas Hold’em may seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. With online casino poker games, players have access to free Texas Hold’em games for practice play. In this way, gamblers can develop skills risk-free before putting money on the line.

Practice play or demo games provide the perfect opportunity to test out poker strategy for free. These games don’t require any real money bets nor do they include multiple players competing in tournaments. In a laid-back environment, players can perfect their skills and really learn the different odds calculations.

Players can find plenty of options for free Texas Hold’em games online. See this list of online poker rooms to get you started with high quality online poker games for free play. Plenty of online casinos offer both free and real money Texas Hold’em games. Some may require registration before signing up, but you will not need to make a deposit in order to play demo poker games.

They say practice makes perfect. In no time, you will see your strategy improve when practicing on free games. After that, why not take those skills to the test? The same online casinos also have real games in which players can earn cold, hard cash winning online Texas Hold’em games. Imagine winning money online playing an exciting online casino game like poker! Practice enough and you might end up fighting for a bracelet at the WSOP main event. With the right strategy and enough practice, players could potentially win millions playing Texas Hold’em online.